Mental Health Support


Mental Health Support

Do you or someone you know need some support? It's a challenging time for many at the moment and it's normal to be feeling anxious and distressed. Here is a list of mental health support services that are available: 

Beyond Blue has launched a dedicated 24/7 Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service. To find out more visit or you can call them on 1800 512 348

There is a also great resource on the Headspace website which has been specifically created for young people affected by stress related to Coronavirus. You can access it here.

Tips for Self Isolation 


■ Talk to someone on the phone  via calls, text messaging or social media (e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp)

■ Reach out to an old friend  or someone you haven’t  spoken to in a while

■ Write a letter to a friend

■ Get your friends together for a  group chat on HouseParty or Zoom

Be active:

■ Find an online exercise workout

■ Play your favourite song and  dance to it

■ Get some fresh air in your backyard

■ Do some gardening

Be aware:

■ Take in your surroundings

■ Reflect on the positives and what you can be grateful for

■ Open windows to let fresh air  into your home

■ Have flowers or potted plants in your home that you can nurture and enjoy

Keep learning:

■ Research something you’ve always wanted to know more about

■ Read a book or magazine

■ Download podcasts

■ Play cards or a board game,  or complete a puzzle

Help others:

■ Make time to have meaningful conversations with friends  and colleagues

■ Check up on family and friends  by email or phone

■ Say thank you to those people  who help you

■ Reach out to your neighbours