Councillor Message Cr Grace La Vella Tuesday 6 April

Published on 06 April 2021


Readers may have seen that Council is developing a Cultural Management Plan for our historic Grandstand in Princes Park.

One of the aims of this plan is to preserve this piece of history for generations to come.

The Grandstand is undoubtedly the jewel in the Princes Park crown and we are incredibly lucky to have such a magnificent space available for our community.

Alongside the Grandstand, Princes Park features the picturesque Lake Victoria and its popular walking track, adventure playground and barbecue area, two football ovals, tennis courts, outdoor pool and plenty of grassy spaces including a very well-appointed caravan park.

I believe this beautiful open space is underutilised. Football and cricket are regularly played on the oval but apart from this, this space is used maybe two or three times a year for large events therefore lends itself for so much more opportunity for sporting, large music events and festivals. So much untapped potential.

We have the scope to be recognised as the vibrant Central Hub of Victoria being two hours from Melbourne and the New South Wales border. The benefits in further increasing and enhancing our economic development and tourism aspirations are enormous.

We live in a wonderful part of Victoria, with more and more people looking to leave larger cities, especially after last year’s lockdowns, we have a golden opportunity to showcase our region to tourists and relocators alike.

With continued innovation and creativity, Princes Park could be the pumping heart of our Shire.

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