Mayor's Message 20 March 2021

Published on 30 March 2021


I enjoyed reading about John Hiatt’s career as a tailor and regalia maker (Advertiser 26 March).

Few would know that 14 years ago as Mayor, I approached John, whose business was then in Melbourne, to design mayoral regalia for Central Goldfields which was generously gifted by Brian and Geraldine O’Connor.

John and Rosemary had a weekend residence in Dunolly where they planned to move to  and it was clear to me as we worked through the design and rich imagery of the regalia over many weeks, John wanted something special for our Shire.

John said he had some rare green material from his grandfather’s business which he had been been saving for something special and would use it in the collarette.

We met in the busy Dunolly Bakery one Saturday morning for the final design. John had the components loose in a towel which he unwrapped so we could work on the actual placement, getting us some very strange looks indeed.

During that final design we had own laugh - Demiter the Goddess of the Harvest from the Maryborough coat of arms had her outstretched hand rather to close to the rear of a sheep which made her look like an ancient vet delivering the pregnant sheep - a quick rearrangement was called for!

The result is splendid and will be worn proudly by Mayors for many years and is a reminder to me how lucky we are to have so many creative, interesting people in our Shire.


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