Mayor's Message Cr Chris Meddows-Taylor Tuesday 11 May 2021

Published on 11 May 2021


When I first commenced as a Councillor, community consultation meant providing copies of the draft document, such as an annual budget, in certain key locations for residents to inspect such as a post office. It couldn’t even be borrowed.  Needless to say few comments were ever submitted.

In 2017 the then newly elected Council commenced active community consultations on the budget and the Council Plan for the first time.

The Local Government Act, 2020, brings a requirement for deliberative engagement. Shaping Central Goldfields is a direct response to this and over the next several months our community will, in a very real and meaningful sense, play an engaged, active role in considering the budget; prioritising the eight community plans into real action plans; shaping the future vision for our Shire; and setting the priorities of our four year Council Plan and ten year financial strategy.

Deliberative engagement allows Council to hear from and know what our residents really think. It’s dynamic, focussed on action and engagement and is increasingly being used around the world to connect people closer with government.

There will be many participative sessions around the Shire over coming months. Ward Councillors will play a key role in chairing those sessions and Kylie Long our Community Engagement Manager and I will lead the engagement.

 We can’t do it without you. Please have your say, get involved and make sure the future of our Shire is the future you really want.

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