Advertised Planning Applications

The Central Goldfields Planning Department currently has the following planning applications on public notification: 

11 Forest View Drive Maryborough - 014-21 - Use of the land for domestic animal husbandry (five (5) dogs and four (4) litters per year).

Application form(PDF, 640KB)

Title(PDF, 52KB)

Plan of subdivision(PDF, 269KB)

Covenant(PDF, 356KB)

Section 173 agreements(PDF, 1016KB)

Business operation(PDF, 248KB)

Floor plan and elevation(PDF, 73KB)

Site Plan(PDF, 64KB)

Site photos(PDF, 290KB)

Notice(PDF, 79KB)

54 Dunolly-Timor Road, Dunolly - 132-20 -  Use and development of a single dwelling. 

Application form(PDF, 460KB)

Title(PDF, 15KB)

Title plan(PDF, 114KB)

Planning report(PDF, 530KB)

Plans(PDF, 1MB)

Notice(PDF, 79KB)

8 Lowenstein Street, Maryborough - 029-21 - Development of a single dwelling.

Application form(PDF, 395KB)

Title(PDF, 72KB)

Plan of subdivision(PDF, 125KB)

Plans(PDF, 585KB)

Notice(PDF, 79KB)

104 - 106 Field Street Maryborough - 005-21 - Staged 9 lot subdivision 

Application form(PDF, 26KB)

Title 1(PDF, 10KB)

Title 2(PDF, 10KB)

Title 3(PDF, 10KB)

Proposed plan of subdivision(PDF, 331KB)

Design response(PDF, 331KB)

Planning report(PDF, 1MB)

Clause 56 assessment(PDF, 163KB)

Bushfire management statement(PDF, 5MB)

Notice(PDF, 79KB)

CA 16 Section 26A Parish of Talbot (Crespigny Street, Talbot) - 159-20 - Use and development of a single dwelling.

Application form(PDF, 844KB)

Title(PDF, 67KB)

Title Plan(PDF, 278KB)

Land capability assessment(PDF, 4MB)

Plans(PDF, 318KB)

Planning report(PDF, 1MB)

Notice(PDF, 117KB)