Councillor Message Cr Geoff Lovett Tuesday 4 May

Published on 04 May 2021


Recently the Federal Government’s Royal Commission into Aged Care Report was handed down.

The findings were not only deeply disturbing, but were an indictment on the failures of many Providers across the sector.

Stories of neglect, incompetence, and a failure to provide even basic levels of care left families traumatised by the revelations brought to light because of the Covid pandemic.

Many facilities were described as being nothing more than businesses, with the level of service provided being determined by the bottom line and profit.

Whilst reading this report I reflected on how incredibly fortunate we are to have Havilah! This not for profit organisation has served our community for over 20 years, with a reputation for delivering caring, compassionate, professional service to its many residents and their families.

Initially, a small but determined group of locals formed a committee to raise the necessary funds to begin Havilah.

Today it is one of the most respected and impressive aged care facilities anywhere in Victoria. After it outgrew Harkness Street, and on accepting an offer from Council, we have seen a multi-million dollar expansion at Palmerston Street, with many impressive independent living units, along with the higher care Raglan House.

New units are currently being constructed on the former High School tennis courts site. When completed these will further enhance the facility.

The innovative management team and Board have transitioned Havilah into an economic force within our Shire.

They are not only a major employer, but also a large consumer of local goods and services. Havilah is a home-grown institution that we should all be justifiably proud of.

It is yet another shining example of why Central Goldfields Shire and Maryborough is such a wonderful place to live.


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